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 Viverna Veleno

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Nurse Veleno

PostSubject: Viverna Veleno   Mon Apr 23, 2012 6:40 pm

• • • Basic Information

Basic Information

Name: Viverna Veleno ("Nurse Vivi")
Age: 29
Species: Wyvern [1] [2]
Years Teaching/On Staff: 4 years
Personality: Vivi is an upbeat person and quite friendly. She is sweet and loves to entertain people with her charm. Despite her lineage, she's rather playful towards her colleagues. She doesn't seem to like being the center of attention but she hates it more being ignored. She's not very much a fans of books unless it's needed or it's a romance novel. Vivi is patient and hard to anger but when she does, she shows her fearsome features as a wyvern.

Model: Mackenzie Martin

In her humanoid form, Vivi has long wavy hair that she usually lets down but she also pins it up or ties it up in a ponytail when she's busy and doesn't want it to mess with her work. She has a fair skin that has a natural light blush across her cheeks so she doesn't bother putting on any make up. Her eylashes are quite long and thick which accentuates her hazel brown eyes. Her lips aren't so thick and quite flush so she usually puts on lip gloss. She doesn't quiite like putting on make up so she's quite thankful for those other things.

Standing at a height of 5'9" with a pretty slim build and weighing about 116 lbs; Vivi looks pretty much like an average girl. She keeps a low profile so she usually keeps her outfits simple except one some occasions when she dresses up. When not in her uniform, usually her outfits are sleeveless dress-shirt style with colors around purple to black so they would match her original shell.

In her true form, she takes the shape of a small wyvern. (her mouth part should look more like this) She has a body covered with spikes, a hard black shell and a long purple-colored mane. Her tail spikes are toxic enough that one tail swipe can poison others. Her eyes glow a golden color. Vivi stands at a height of about 15 feet in normal stance from her feet to shoulders. Her wing span spreads of about 60 feet and body length of 40 feet from the tip of her mouth to the tip of her tail (exculding the spikes).

In her humanoid form, Vivi just seemes like a normal person, except that she can emit a sonic screech and spew fire. She can voluntarily take a half wyvern form as well: her hair, her ears, and her eyes would change and she can grow narrow limbs from each ofher wrists, creating her wing arms with her hands as the 'hand part'. When angered, Vivi shows a few of her wyvern features. Most notable are her eyes -- from hazel, they would turn gold. An enraged Vivi would grow the toxic spines from her back like of her original form.

• • • History

The Past
Growing up in the human realm with both her parents, Vivi lived pretty much normally. She lived in a poor town around Spain. Under her father's strict rules and her mother's supportive care, she was a model student in her school. That is, until she met Celeste in the 6th grade. Celeste was rebellious and a trouble maker and she influenced a lot to Vivi. At home, Vivi would be her obedient self but when she was with Celeste, as long as her parents are not around, she would be such a headache. Eventually, her parents heard of this and were disappointed. They forbade Vivi to ever meet up with Celeste; but of course, she still met up with her and even tried to run off. Her mother tried to convince her father that Vivi knows what she doing.

Vivi had become quite like Celeste herself but she was still rule abiding. Sort of. She may break a few but she knows her limits. Her father disappeared when she was 16 and her mother soon fell ill. This saddened her and so she had to work. She was a student assistant in her school clinic so she always spent all her time there during her brake and even goes home late. In her high school, she quite enjoyed her science subjects, so she actually considered to take up medicine. Eventually, she graduated and was employed in their town's hospital.

The hospital she worked in was soon on the verge of closing; probably of loss of funds for all the equipment so she had to look for another job. Out of options, she found a job at a cafe as a waitress. (So much for going for a medicine career.) She was able to earn enough to support herself and her mother but she didn't feel so well about her job. One time on the job, she happened to have served two suspicious looking individuals on the same table. Of course, they were chatting when she gave them their orders and apparently they mentioned something about a school they've enrolled their children. As she turned around and was about to walk away she heard something about a nurse who just left her job in the school and is now looking for a replacement. Her mother didn't seem to disapprove of the school.

Even though she didn't want to leave her mother, she wanted the job, even as a school nurse, she would be able to help, and at least she'd know she wouldn't waste the years she studied for that medical career.

The Present
Vivi is lively and quite a little rebel, an infuence from her friend Celeste who she hasn't-seen-for-years. She loves company and is very sociable. She's friendly and sweet and she handles her patients gently. She doesn't really like pushing people away unless it's necessary. She would always welcome anyone who comes in the office, may it be just a casual visit or emergency. But if it's just to hide from someone or to cut class, better think about it first before opening that door.

A dedicated nurse, Vivi loves her job. She likes to help out others and she can't resist (almost) anyone who asks her for help. She likes reading a few books but mostly on topics about her forte. She is knowledgeable and also curious. She's respectful for most people, but for others, she'd rather throw that out the window.

For anger issues, Vivi knows how to keep her anger from getting in the way -- unless the patient is actually the object of her anger then that's a different story. The way she handles that person would be less gentle and her awkward grins or smiles would obviously mean she doesn't like them. She is patient but this isn't something to be happy about -- all that rage goes somewhere you know. Apparently, she keeps in all her anger piled up so she isn't the best person to annoy. When angry, she takes more of her wyvern side: dangerous, ruthless and highly agressive.

Vivi had worked at a hospital for a few years so she has working experience. She takes things seriously when she's in the office -- when she's in the office. She knows how to chill out when the situation dictates. She is focused and responsible. She'd put her mind to something she has decided and will not let go as long as she can. She does know when to let a few things slide.

Played by: Tsuta Junketsu
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Viverna Veleno
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