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A free play-by-post roleplay where you play the inhuman attendees of Fulton Academy, or the ones that are set to rid of them.
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 The Headmaster

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Headmaster Fulton


PostSubject: The Headmaster   Tue Apr 24, 2012 3:01 pm

During the month of April in the year 1875, a Durdalis child was born - this such child being none other than Miss Audrey May Fulton. Regardless of the fact that she was different, most of the humans in the town that she lived in disregarded her differences and let her in like she was a regular child. However, there were some who were persistent on opressing the young Earth Spirit. Miss Fulton didn't pay much attention to those tormentors, for she knew that there were some who had it much worse than she.

Growing up, Miss Fulton rarely attended school - for she never found herself interested in the studies she was undergoing. Instead, she was tending to the gardens of both her family estate and the entire town. She would also spend her time caring for the ill and hurt, without wanting anything in return. When she wasn't attending school or helping around the town and estate, she was roaming the large mainland searching for others like her - mythical creatures that were often downtrodden. She had taken them in, keeping them in her estate until she could find someone where they could live permanently. From then on, she was set to create a haven for the inhuman, where they could be what they really were and would not have to hide.

At the age of eighteen, Mistress Fulton received a large sum of money from her 'trust fund' which was waiting in the town's bank - but she never did anything with her money until the age of twenty-three when she'd gone to purchase an island off the mainland. However, it seemed that another had made an offer on the island. Surprisingly, the other whom had made an offer on the island made the exact same offer as she.

She didn't move onto the island until months later, for she was deciding what she would build on her half of the island. She had eventually decided that she would build an academy for the downtrodden creatures - for most human schools had never taken the 'freaks'.

When she had eventually moved the the island with a group of colleges, she found that the person she was sharing the island with was Lord Orrick Kenward - who was well known to have an opposing principle to hers. The Mistress never spoke of her disapproval openly, unlike Lord Kenward who was hell-bent on ridding of her and that 'vile' academy that was under construction.

The Earth Spirit, Mistress Fulton had befriended many of the mysterious creatures known as Walkers that originally inhabited the island, and many of those even helped with the construction of the academy. After construction was complete, the school's doors had opened, and Mistress Fulton's founded creatures that had resided in her estate along with other inhuman characters had enrolled into the academy. During that time, Mistress - Now 'Headmaster' - Fulton had been a down-to-Earth Headmaster whom was very close to her staff and students

When Lord Kenward had launched attacks on the academy and Audrey's colleagues, the Walkers had turned to defenders of the Academy, it's inhabitants and herself. But as the attacks got more consistent, Headmaster Fulton had no choice but to retaliate to protect her students. Though the Headmaster didn't know how to fight, and her magic was useless as an offensive, she - along with a band of staff, guardians and Walkers - had set a force back against the Lord, and that was when the Skirmish began.

After the event, the Headmaster had tended to the wounded before residing into her Villa at edge of the school grounds - where she was never seen by other inhabitants again. Her Villa is completely unacessible due to the incredibly high windows, bolted doors and the Walker posted at the gate of Headmaster Fulton's Villa. There are rumors that she and the Walker are lovers, for he's almost always seen at the Villa, and the only time the Walker isn't at its post is when it's fetching supplies for the never-appearing Headmaster.

Some believe that they can sometimes spot the headmaster walking by the top story windows, and most wonder how the headmaster manages to do everything without ever leaving her villa. But the reality is, her rumoured Walker-lover does errands for her, fetching filled and returning reviewed applications, along with notes and letters which were to be sent to or from staff and students.

Younger students whom weren't around for the event that had changed the academy don't who currently overlooks the academy - most believe that it's a descendent of the original Headmaster. Though, some believe that it is the same one which started the academy over 100 years ago. There are no paintings of the headmaster anywhere in the school, scratch a painting in the administration of the headmaster's bust, which is now the only way that anyone can see the Headmaster.

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The Headmaster
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