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 The Caomhnoir Line

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Corvis Caomhnoir


PostSubject: The Caomhnoir Line   Thu Apr 26, 2012 12:24 pm

The Caomhnoir Line

[center]Family Name:


Family Members:

Arianna Caomhnoir (Deceased, Mother to Arian)

Corvis Caomhnoir (Lord and Head of the Line,
Father to Arian)

Arian Caomhnoir (Heir to the Caomhnoir line, Son
to Corvis and Arianna)

Family History:

The Caomhnoir line
existed and stretches back long before even the oldest of the immortal folk
would care to recall and was founded by the Head of the house, the Vampiric
Lord Corvis Caomhnoir. Though it is not known exactly how old he is, it is
known that Corvis was first to become known when the humans first learnt to
smith metals. Though even before this in the Stone Age and before that,
depictions of his terrible figure have been thought to exist. Throughout the
iron ages though, his presence is definite. Records show of his great wealth
and power, owning land and castles and even raising armies to do his bidding.
It was his intention to scour the earth and bring humanity under his rule along
with all mythical folk. In those times, to speak his name was to bring his
destruction. His armies had inhuman abilities and when you saw creatures
bearing the Caomhnoir banner, you prayed to whatever gods you saw fit to give
you mercy.

His influence spread
over the greater part of Europe in his prime and it was because of his
astounding cunning and mystic power. He is recorded to have a specific power
not attributed to a racial ability though no one clearly specifies what it is,
even with its extended use at the time. One thing all sources seem to agree on
however is the utter chaos of it, the terror incarnate like a nightmare given

Then something rather
strange occurred, nearing the end of the iron age he simply.. Disappeared for a
time. His armies disbanded and his castles were left empty. Those who remember
believe that perhaps he feared the humans advancing technology but no one can
truly tell.

His appearances
between then and now have been brief, although it has been gathered that he has
a new heir, Arian who is without a present mother. It is most likely she met
some horrible death. It is now that they have appeared in Headesroll, buying
out a restaurant and doing it up. They own a large castle like manor at the
edge of the dark forest backing up on the catacombs on a hill that is perfect
vantage to loom over the town. Rumour has it that the boy Arian intends to attend
the Academy and whispers have begun in the winding paths of the catacombs about
the Caomhnoir reappearance.

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The Caomhnoir Line
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