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A free play-by-post roleplay where you play the inhuman attendees of Fulton Academy, or the ones that are set to rid of them.
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 General Rules - Read FIRST

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Headmaster Fulton


PostSubject: General Rules - Read FIRST   Sat Apr 21, 2012 4:37 pm

One character per account.
The username should be the character's first and last name and contain spaces where needed. You can use the same email more than once to make managing your accounts easier, and if you register with something other than your character's name: do not register another account. You can request a name change by PMing an admin with the details.

Your avatar must be an image of the model you are using for your character.
No, it can't be a cake or a turtle. It must be your character model.

You must fill out a character application and have it approved and sorted by the Headmaster before you start roleplaying.
No point in roleplaying when you're not permitted to.

You must speak English.
It doesn't matter if it's through a translator or not, just for everyone's convenience, speak it.

Write in third person.
e.g. Bob did, bob said, bob thought. NOT; I did, I said, I thought.

All posts must be at least one paragraph long.
We're not asking for a book here, but we don't want one sentence replies. We require at least 3-4 sentences.

Don't turn a group thread into a 1x1 thread.
Every character within a scene has the right and responsibility to put their imput into the situation, and so you must wait until all other characters have posted unless explicit permission from one of the characters allows you to skip them.

You may not move/hurt/kill another character in roleplay without their writer's permission.
This would be considered "godmod," which is against all roleplayer's rules. However, moderators and admins may always be called in if a situation comes under question. Say if a very powerful man is wailing on a small child and somehow the small child manages to get away without a single scratch in some implausable way, it is also considered godmod.

Swearing is allowed.
Just... Don't go over-the-top with it. (Or much pain will ensue)

Pregnancy is allowed.
But you need the other writer's permission before you start going all, "OH, I'M PREGGERS." And no, you're baby cannot be the chosen one or Jesus... Just no.

"Mature" roleplaying must taken to PMs. Explicit sex is not allowed in forums.
If you want sex, take it to the PMs - we don't want to read that.

Do not participate in more topics than you can handle.
General knowledge. (Of which we understand some may lack)

Let others know when your character leaves a topic.
Create a tag at the end of your final post so other characters stop interacting with yours. Otherwise it will cause a confusion and the thread may die.

Your personal feelings, opinions and knowledge should be kept separate from your character's.
You're writing for your character, not yourself. How you feel about other characters should not influence how your character interacts with them. If you want to kill them, that's your problem - not your character's.

Most importantly in relation to that, no matter what you as a person knows about a character, it cannot influence your characters own knowledge. Meaning if you know they have a weakness but your character doesn't, well tough. You can't use that information IC.

Last edited by Headmaster Fulton on Mon Apr 23, 2012 11:48 pm; edited 4 times in total (Reason for editing : Just a few touch ups)
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General Rules - Read FIRST
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