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A free play-by-post roleplay where you play the inhuman attendees of Fulton Academy, or the ones that are set to rid of them.
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 Staff Application Template

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Headmaster Fulton


PostSubject: Staff Application Template   Sun Apr 22, 2012 11:30 am

Position Applying For:
Played By: YOUR name, not your character's
Other Characters: The other characters you have on the board.

Basic Information

Name: CHARACTER's name, not your own.
Age: they should be at least 24, but can be as old as you want
Species: the species of your character
Position: Which position on staff are they?
Years Teaching/On Staff: the number of years your character has been working at the school
Pet: if your character has a pet; if they do not, please omit this area
Personality: How does your character act toward others? How does your character act in general? At least one paragraph.

Model: the model you plan to use for your character


Your characters appearance; what they look like, how they dress.


The Past

A history of your character (this part must be completed, unlike in student profiles). How did they get to the academy? Why did they become a teacher or join the staff?

At least 3 paragraphs.

The Present

Describe how your character acts on their job. Do they favor certain students? Do they try to be friends rather then an authority figure? Describe how they act with the students.

At least 2 paragraphs.
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Staff Application Template
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