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 Sebastian Longshot

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Professor Longshot

PostSubject: Sebastian Longshot   Mon Apr 23, 2012 9:20 am

Basic Information

Basic Information

Name: Sebastian Longshot
Age: 24
Species: Werewolf
Position: Literature professor.
Years Teaching/On Staff: One year.
Pet: It has a dog, a German Shepard.
Personality: Sebastian is an open person. He is very friendly and is always thrilled to meet new people. He is outgoing and has a lot of friends. Sebastian likes sarcasm. In fact, he uses it in every given opportunity. He hides his true identity, evens if the school is for supernatural creatures, from the simple fact that he hates what he is. Overall, Sebastian is very smart. He had read a lot of books and passages. He extremely likes history, and literature, thats why he teaches it. He likes to read about wars and loves when veterans tell him their stories, from the simple fact that his father is a veteran as well.

Model: Peter Facinelli


Your characters appearance; Sebastian stands to six feet tall. He has a well built figure but slightly too slim. His hair is usually done with special gel to it will be funky(in his words)Sebastian likes polo shirts and suits, . You will never see him in a simple t-shirt, it’s just not his style. As for shoes, Sebastian likes sneakers mainly, and when needed dress shoes.

When Sebastian turns into a werewolf, once a month, he wears dirty old t-shirts he doesn't needs because they will get dirty or will be torn up anyway. When in a wolf form, he grows large canines, his spine gets longer and curvier, making him half stand. His ears and nails gets longer, and extra body hair grows.


The Past

Sebastian was born to a Spanish family. His family was poor, and so, his mother gave him away to an orphanage. Sebastian grew up, not knowing who his real parents were. When he was nine years old he was adopted by the Longshot family. They took him in and took care of him, and raised him like he was their own child. The couple had another child of their own, his name was Frank. Frank was two years older than Sebastian and the two never got along.Frank always teased Sebastian for being adopted, and a lot of times shunned him away, denying the fact that he was part of the family. This, obviously came from envy. Sebastian was the younger one, and that meant he had more attention than Frank, so he had to compensate it somehow.

When Sebastian was in high school, the kids gave him a pretty hard time; they teased him for being short at the time, and for being adopted(Frank of course made sure that everyone in school knew) Then, at the night of his nth birthday, Sebastian started to feel odd. He felt stronger, he felt this his senses were getting sharper and that everything seemed clearer In 16 years old Sebastian found out he is a purebred werewolf. He ran away from home, leaving nothing but a thank you letter to his parents ,and absolutely nothing to Frank.

He moved to a different town, and there found a job as a seller in a grocery shop. He got himself a small apartment and then went to college to study Education and literature. He had a girlfriend during college years, she didn’t know he was a werewolf. Finally, when he did tell her, she escaped and ignored him, saying that he was a monster, since then, Sebastian never tells anyone he is a werewolf.

One day, Sebastian was walking on the road to his apartment when a strange looking teenager stole his suitcase from him. The student started running away obviously, and Sebastian after him, finally, the teen went on a school bus, and Sebastian ran after him, finally reaching to the odd looking academy. He entred the place to find the student, and when he walked to the secretary, she explained him that she can't tell him, because she doesnt know. He was about to leave the place when suddenly he saw one of the students flying. He run after the person and asked him how he did it, so the student explained to him everything about the place.

The Present

Sebastian loves his job a lot. He started working at 23 years old, after finding out that there is a place where there were more people like him. He never tells anyone about his past. Only the headmaster knows. Thanks to his open personality, it was not hard for him to fit in the school faculty, and to get how everything works in the place.

Sebastian preferes be a friend to the students than an authority figure. He thinks that all teachers should do so, from the simple fact that he thinks students would listen to their friends advices more than to their teachers. He believes that friends has a very strong influence on one another so it would be a better approach than becoming an authority figure.
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Headmaster Fulton


PostSubject: Re: Sebastian Longshot   Mon Apr 23, 2012 9:46 am

Accepted. You have now been moved to the staff list.
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Sebastian Longshot
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