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A free play-by-post roleplay where you play the inhuman attendees of Fulton Academy, or the ones that are set to rid of them.
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 The Dragonor

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Headmaster Fulton


PostSubject: The Dragonor   Mon Apr 23, 2012 12:58 pm

A Dragonor is a natural leader. They are strong, brave and has strong willpower. They will do anything to assist a companion, ignoring the cost to themselves at the best of times. They are not known to abandon a companion in their time of need. If a Dragonor is set to do something, it takes a whole lot to get them to stray from their path that they've set for themselves.

The house colour, red represents a Dragonor's strength, power and determination. Though these are the main things that they represent, the colour also represents a Dragonor's passion, vigor and leadership.

The house's mascot is the dragon, which symbolizes a Dragonor's power and bravery.

Vigor (Noun) : Effort, energy, and enthusiasm.
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The Dragonor
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